Goldman Ivy Energy Consortium

The Goldman Ivy Energy Consortium is a part of the Ivy Company and the Goldman Consortium and brings together the expertise skills and global networks of over 250 Goldman Sachs Alumni and also over 4700 Ivy League Alumni to execute energy projects world wide. The Goldman Ivy Energy Consortium also has access to over 118,000 members of the Alumni of the Ivy League network which was founded by The Goldman Ivy Energy Consortium founding partner.

Our network and experience allows to setup conventional and alternate energy projects. So whether you are an investor or require a power plant to be set up, we can help you meet you need using the worlds most exclusive skilled network.

Goldman Ivy Energy Consortium along with sister company MdeCC is currently working on setting up over a gigawatt of conventional and alternate energy power plants in partnership with Goldman Sachs and Ivy alumni owned boutique investment bank WoodRock Securities L.P. Over 2 billion dollars of funding for these projects is to be provided by WoodRock.

Wind Power Generation

2X100MW Projects under development

Coal Mining & Power Plants

405MW Project under development

Solar Energy

100MW Solar Plant approved and awaiting power evacuation certificate.